Managing people

Coaching as a management style

Hélène*: “I got to where I am today, professionally speaking, thanks to the knowledge and experience I’ve gained throughout my career, which enable me to show others how it’s done.”


The appraisal interview... or how to encourage learning

Jim* comes to see me because he doesn’t know how to approach his next appraisal interview with Simon*: “Simon does good work, but I often have to pull him up on not being very well organised.” How can Jim stay constructive during the interview?


Prevention is better than cure!

Michael* comes to me with some concerns: “Carlo* has been working in my team for several years. He’s always got on very well with his colleagues and produced excellent work.


The importance of being present

Maria* has fallen behind schedule on her project and meets with her supervisor Jan* to keep him informed. But the meeting sadly didn’t live up to her expectations.