Managing people

Need to step in to defuse a conflict?

Conflicts need to be caught in their very early stages and can sometimes flare up so quickly that planning mediation by the Ombud is not the most effective way to address them.


Quiet quitting

Although I am very much aware of inter-generational differences, I had not realised how the millennial and Gen Z attitude to work could be, in general, so different from the mindset of Baby Boomers (my generation).


A duty of care to junior colleagues

In 2021, 20% of the visitors to the Ombud’s office were under 30. I would like to share with you the main issues and concerns that affected them. 


Leadership – easier said than done

In his 2020 annual report, my predecessor in the Ombud’s office asks a challenging question: “Why are relations with the hierarchy the number one source of conflicts reported to the Ombud’s Office?”


When respect is missing

The respect that others show us, like esteem, is part of our dignity, so it’s no wonder that we’re so taken aback and upset when it’s missing.


Asking questions to clarify expectations

While the annual performance appraisal interviews are in full swing and thinking about my discussions on the subject with visitors to my office, I feel it’s appropriate to underline the importance of each party being open, honest, respectful and considerate and, in particular, of a clear


Why didn’t you tell me before?

Some visitors to the Ombud’s Office tell me they don’t feel entirely comfortable expressing their ideas, concerns and opinions within their team or to their supervis


Each and every one of us matters

Some visitors to the Ombud’s office tell me that they are “too insignificant” or “too low” in the chain of command for their opinion to really matter. 


Seven ways to protect your team from conflicts

Conflicts within a team have repercussions not only for its members’ well-being, but also for the achievement of work objectives, resulting in loss of efficiency, lack of collaboration, absenteeism, damage to the team’s reputation, etc.