Videoconferencing and creativity: a wobbly coupling

Creativity is one of the five values of CERN. That’s why, when I heard on my favourite radio programme that Nature had published an article on the impact of virtual interactions on creativity, I reached out to the online journal to find out more about this piece of research.


The two faces of Janus

When I took on the role of CERN Ombud, I was not prepared to encounter what I now call the “Janus” effect. Let me give you two examples ...


Why didn’t you tell me before?

Some visitors to the Ombud’s Office tell me they don’t feel entirely comfortable expressing their ideas, concerns and opinions within their team or to their supervis


Three powerful tools to meet the challenges of 2022!

As this brand new year starts, I would like to offer my best wishes, from the Ombud’s Office, for a healthy, happy and successful 2022! 


Seven ways to protect your team from conflicts

Conflicts within a team have repercussions not only for its members’ well-being, but also for the achievement of work objectives, resulting in loss of efficiency, lack of collaboration, absenteeism, damage to the team’s reputation, etc.


Fourth Letter from Ombudsland – bystander action matters

I’m just back from the annual conference of the International Ombudsman Association, and this time the keynote presentation was focused on the role of the ‘bystander’ or the person who witnesses an unacceptable or potentially harmful situation and does nothing.


Between colleagues

Following a reorganization in their Department, Don* and Sam* found themselves working in the same unit. Given their complementary competencies, they were asked to collaborate on the same project.