You need to talk? The CERN Ombud is here to listen.

Issues, problems, conflicts are a normal part of life, also at the workplace. Finding out the best way to address them makes a huge difference and this is where the Ombud may help. 

The Ombud provides a safe and peaceful environment where you may explore all possible routes to move forward from a difficult situation and decide for yourself how you wish to proceed. 

The Ombud serves the whole CERN community (Users, Associates, Fellows, Staff etc.) and has several roles:

  • to listen, share and examine preoccupations or problems;
  • to help resolve interpersonal disputes where dialogue is unsuccessful or no longer possible 
  • to guide people in the interpretation of the CERN Code of Conduct

Read the detailed mandate of the Ombud for complete information.

The Ombud is a trained professional and has access to the support of professional ombuds' networks. The ombud maintains close contacts with all of CERN support channels and can also orient you to the appropriate service, when necessary.

So if you have an interpersonal problem or a conflict or any other issue in the workplace which is impacting you, contact the CERN Ombud early.

So if you have an interpersonal problem, or a conflict or any other workplace issue that is affecting you, contact the CERN Ombud early.

Likewise, if you want to share your ideas or discuss your options, the Ombud is a sounding board, an external and caring interlocutor, quickly available, that you can turn to.

It’s voluntary, informal, non judgmental and completely confidential.

In a nutshell