CERN Ombudsperson

Got a problem or conflict at work? The Ombudsperson is here to help.

Ideally, conflicts between people at CERN should be resolved between the colleagues concerned. But sometimes such a dialogue is unsuccessful, or not possible. In these cases, the CERN Ombudsperson is here to help.

The Ombudsperson has several roles: to provide impartial advice and guidance; to help resolve interpersonal disputes; to listen, share and examine preoccupations or problems; and to guide people at CERN in applying the CERN Code of Conduct.

So if you have an interpersonal problem or conflict at work, contact the CERN Ombudsperson early. It’s voluntary, free and completely confidential.

The CERN Director-General (DG) created of a full-time position of Ombudsperson in July 2010. His decision represents a strong commitment from the organization to the well-being of those who contribute to the organization. The nomination runs for a 3-year term, which may be renewed by the DG for an additional 2-year period. Both the nomination and renewal shall be made after consultation with the Staff Association and the Human Resources department.