Self management

Difficult conversations (part III): “The identity conversation”

In this third and final part on difficult conversations, we are made aware of identity issues which can throw us off balance ...

Difficult conversations (part II): "The feelings”

In all difficult conversations, feelings lie at the heart of what is wrong and are the primary issues at stake,. They must be addressed.

Difficult conversations (part I): “what happened?”

We all have to face difficult conversations, i.e. anything that we find hard to talk about, whether in our private life or in the workplace.

Maintaining motivation throughout your career

Six years, or even one year, can be very long in a job where you’ve lost meaning and motivation... Let's explore the topic of motivation throughout a career

Overcoming a deadlock? Try reappraising!

Janet* has just been informed by her management that she has to step down from her current job and responsibilities and start a new project in another unit...

Active listening – from sponge to trampoline

We think that we may be actively listening to someone ..but are we really?  I would like to share with you how difficult active listening can be and how we can improve this highly useful skill. 

Pivoting: a basketball metaphor for addressing conflicts

Find out how the book The Conflict Pivot by Tammy Lenski uses a  basketball term as a highly visual metaphor for a unique approach to addressing conflicts.

Feeling beyond help

Mental health: It is when you feel beyond help that you HAVE to look for support.

From lone wolf to inclusive leadership (Act III)

In this third and final act, we will see how Stefano takes practical action to move from lone wolf or inclusive leader, and reap the benefits of it!

From lone wolf to inclusive leadership (Act II)

In this second act, we will see how Stefano reflects on which type of leader he wants to be, at this stage of his career, lone wolf or inclusive leader?