Ombuds role

Books and plenty more besides…

When I took up my duties I was delighted to find that there were also vast bookshelves containing all the books that my predecessors had bought to support their initial training in the Ombud’s role and to continue developing the knowledge they needed to help them tackle interpersonal relationship


I hope I won’t need to come and see you

Of all the reactions that I met with when I announced I was taking the role of Ombud, the one that struck me the most was the last one: “I hope I won’t need to come and see you!”...


Open Space meeting of UNARIO ombuds – a unique opportunity for experience sharing and professional network support

Thursday, 13 October 2022 is International Ombuds Day, dedicated to the global promotion of the ombud role in organisations. Let me share with you a recent experience in Ombudsland ...


I’m feeling harassed …

“Harassed”. This is a word I often hear in the Ombud’s Office. Actively listening to my visitors, I explore their definition of the term and seek concrete examples of situations where they felt “harassed”.


A duty of care to junior colleagues

In 2021, 20% of the visitors to the Ombud’s office were under 30. I would like to share with you the main issues and concerns that affected them. 


The cost of conflicts

Conflict is part of workplace life. It is unavoidable and inescapable because we all have different expectations and needs. There are numerous well known causes of conflict.


2021 Annual Report by the Ombud – let’s talk!

The 11th Annual Report by the Ombud is now available on CDS at this address and will soon be published on the Ombud’s website, where you can also find all of my predecessors’ reports since


Values and principles of the Ombud’s profession: what are they for?

You may know that the CERN Ombud is a member of the International Ombuds Association (IOA).