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2021 Annual Report by the Ombud – let’s talk!

The 11th Annual Report by the Ombud is now available on CDS at this address and will soon be published on the Ombud’s website, where you can also find all of my predecessors’ reports since 2011. I hope you enjoy reading it.

The annual report, which has been revamped this year, with more graphics and a new structure that makes it easier to find the sections that you’re interested in, is a key part of the Ombud’s mandate:

“The Ombud shall issue an annual report on his/her activities to the Director-General. This report shall contain anonymous, statistical information with respect to matters brought to his/her attention, including their nature and status or outcome, as well as a general assessment of the operation of the Office of the Ombud.”

First and foremost, it’s a tool that ensures transparency and facilitates communication with the CERN community that the Ombud serves. Among the wealth of information it contains, you’ll find the demographics of visitors to the Ombud’s office and a statistical analysis of the problems discussed, in strict compliance with the confidentiality requirements. Did you know, for example, that we see two peaks in the age distribution of my visitors? I’m most frequently consulted by people in the 25–30 and 50–60 age ranges, who come to discuss the professional problems that are specific to these age groups.

The report is also a chance for the Ombud to set out some observations and conclusions inspired by a year of active listening, analysis of situations and informal conflict resolution. 

Finally, the Ombud, whose job it is to observe and to identify patterns, proposes pragmatic, simple actions aimed at helping to resolve the most acute and most frequently raised problems, as well as those that appear to be systemic. 

The Ombud’s proposals are, of course, submitted to the Director-General and the Enlarged Directorate, who may, if they wish, take them up or use them for inspiration. In addition, each and every one of you can, individually, reflect on those observations and proposals that are particularly relevant to your working environment. 

You may have questions about my report, or wish to discuss some of my observations or the actions I’ve proposed. This is why I invite you, if you wish, to join me on Zoom for an informal exchange of views at 11.00 a.m. on Tuesday, 3 May. Click here to join the meeting: https://cern.zoom.us/j/65139335592?pwd=THdVV0xra3NXN1Q1THJUeWpPaG5hUT09 

The Ombud’s 2021 Annual Report will tell you all you’ve ever wanted to know about the role of the Ombud and the services I offer. I invite you to read it and to join me on Zoom at 11.00 a.m. on 3 May, if you wish, to ask all your questions and discuss the report.                         

        Laure Esteveny

I want to hear from you – feel free to email ombud@cern.ch with any feedback or suggestions for topics you’d like me to address.  NB: If you would like to be notified about posts, news and other communications from the CERN Ombud, please register to receive the CERN Ombud news.