What does the Ombudsperson do?

The Ombudsperson's task is to provide confidential assistance for the informal resolution of interpersonal issues. The Ombudsperson performs these services through counseling, mediation, consensus building and/or other conflict resolution methods. In providing these services the Ombudsperson aims to create a channel of communication between the parties involved in a particular situation. By relying on the responsibility and autonomy of the parties, the Ombudsperson seeks a fair and ethical solution to the problem.

His/her actions may include the following:

  • Listening to people
  • Helping and coaching
  • Advising on other possible ways to resolve their problem
  • Resolving simple misunderstandings
  • Mediating between parties
  • Urgent actions in case of imminent threat of serious harm to person or property

It is essential to underline that the Ombudsperson is neither a management instrument nor an advocate; he/she is neutral and impartial. He/she offers you a safe place where you can discuss, in full confidentiality, your difficulties at work and obtain help.

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