06 June 2014

Trust is an essential ingredient in all working relationships. When trust breaks down, conflicts may arise and teams may stop working in harmony. The Ombud is there to help you to find your way out before the point of no return is reached.

Reliability, integrity, expertise and good will: these are the four pillars on which trust is built. Trust between colleagues may break down for many different reasons, including misunderstandings, and the way to restoring the relationship is through working on these four pillars.

23 May 2014

The hundreds of Fellows and students working at CERN bring precious new blood into the Laboratory. At the same time, CERN offers them invaluable work experience that will have a significant impact on their future careers. It is important that we all work together to make this a win-win situation with lasting positive effects for all concerned over the years to come.

09 May 2014

Do you get up in the morning and go online before getting your coffee? Do you sit down to meals with your mobile phone next to your plate? Do you get an awful feeling of complete disorientation and not knowing what to do with yourself when you disconnect from the Internet? As exaggerated as these actions may have seemed a few years ago, today they are familiar occurrences that are indeed the signs of our times.

25 April 2014

Early this month, over 400 Ombuds met in Denver for their annual conference and networking event. It was an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world and to share best practices and benefit from an ongoing exchange of professional experience.

28 March 2014

Some people call it “motivation”, others “recognition” or “success”. For all, feeling happy at work is an important contributing factor to feeling good about life. How much of it is in our own hands and how much depends on the Organization’s ways of working?

Some time ago, someone came into my office and remarked on some of the books I have on my shelf: “ Two books related to ‘Happiness at Work’ – how come? Why read about that?”- the person asked.  Why indeed? Is being happy even a relevant question in the work context?

14 March 2014

Smiling comes easily when we are among friends. Similarly, one could expect that it should not be so hard to smile – or in some way, acknowledge – our colleagues in the workplace. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes very different and interactions – or the lack of them – between colleagues can sometimes be perceived as impolite or even rude behaviour.

28 February 2014

With the annual MARS exercise approaching, now is an ideal time to consider how to carry out a successful interview. In this issue of the Bulletin, I promised to look at how you, as a supervisee, can use the time to share your specific experience and consolidate an on-going dialogue with your supervisor.

14 February 2014

With the annual MARS exercise quickly approaching, now is an ideal time to consider how to carry out a successful interview. Whether you are a supervisor or a supervisee, preparation, and an open frame of mind, can turn the experience into much more than a formality.

04 February 2014

Contracts come to an end, projects move from one phase to another, hierarchy changes… in the 21st century, things have the tendency to move very quickly in the work environment. Although no change comes without a large dose of stress, the key is to see it as an opportunity for professional growth – keeping in mind that in every end there is a new beginning.

10 December 2013

After thirty-three years at CERN, including three and a half years as Ombuds, I am leaving. During my time of Ombuds I have seen many people for discussions, misunderstandings, difficulties in communication and also conflicts. No institution can live without conflicts. The main thing is not to face conflicts but to be flexible enough to resolve them.


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