11 May 2015

The on-going campaign Respect@CERN was re-launched this year on Tuesday 5 May with a discussion forum led by Alan Richter, an expert consultant in ethics and diversity. Seeing so many colleagues in the Council Chamber for this kick-off event was a clear indication of interest in the topic as well as a willingness to engage in promoting a respectful workplace. Now, the discussion continues through the dedicated website.


28 April 2015

CERNese is the language spoken here: based on English and French, it’s a mixture of accents, pronunciations and body languages that go well together. CERNese is also an attitude: we make an effort to understand others and to ensure that other people understand what we say. Do you speak this language?


16 March 2015

Very often, misunderstandings originate from the assumptions we make about people’s intentions, even where in fact there are no actual differences in thinking. Sometimes, speaking up is enough to resolve these misunderstandings… provided this is what both parties want.

03 March 2015

When normal communication breaks down and there is no sharing anymore, office-mates can become ‘space invaders’. Very often, the situation can be resolved effectively by taking just a few simple steps...


02 February 2015

New year, old problems? The best way to start 2015 is by not carrying over any frustration from 2014. Instead, let it go and move forward. As I blew out the candle to celebrate my first anniversary of my position as the CERN Ombud, I found myself reflecting back over the past year, wondering what I could share with you, and the following recurring situation came to mind…


15 December 2014

The winter break is a vital opportunity to leave behind the end-of-year workload stress, compounded by the rush to complete tasks in preparation of the year ahead, and focus on some genuine rest and recuperation. The challenges of 2015 can only be met if our batteries are correctly recharged: so full steam ahead for a holiday period devoted to a well earned rest and a crucial change of air and ideas!


04 December 2014

In a previous Bulletin article we discussed the issue of how to deal with unwanted declarations of love. The focus there was on the importance of saying “stop” in a clear and unambiguous manner when faced with actions of this kind. But what do you do when this behaviour persists?

31 October 2014

“Ghosting” is the common term used to describe situations when a piece of work is done by somebody but credited to somebody else. Ghosting often occurs in creative fields, such as writing texts, music, developing graphic charters or translating. Let’s celebrate Halloween this year by acknowledging the contributions of all the CERN ghosts who work tirelessly behind the scenes in all areas of the Organization.

20 October 2014

As CERN celebrates its 60th anniversary, it not only looks back at its past successes with pride, it also looks ahead at the many other ways in which it can continue to contribute to the groundbreaking work of the scientific community. In the same way, it is normal for its individual members who are approaching a similar birthday to expect to be appreciated not only for the part they have played in the Organization’s history, but also for the many other ways in which they can continue to contribute to its future.

19 September 2014

Unwanted declarations of love in the workplace may cause embarrassment among colleagues. If the situation is not quickly clarified, it might even cause a serious disturbance in the working relationship and have a long-lasting negative impact on the people involved.

Like many workplaces, CERN is often the place where one finds one’s life partner. However, not all budding relationships have a happy ending and, when this is not the case, many problems arise and the situation may deteriorate very quickly.


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