29 August 2011

Greg* is a student at CERN doing his doctoral thesis. His thesis adviser, Wilbur*, resides in a remote university and does not come to CERN very often. As a result, he and Greg interact mostly by phone or e-mail. Greg only gets the chance to speak to Wilbur face-to-face when he flies home or when a general meeting for the project is held at CERN. At CERN, Greg is under the supervision of a Section Leader, Phil*, who is responsible for the overall part of the project for which Greg is working.

27 June 2011

Luke* holds a key position in the coordination of a large project. He is also a recognized expert in modeling complicated structures. Because of his expertise in the field, he receives a considerable number of e-mails every day which he has trouble responding to in addition to his responsibilities of management and development. Constantly interrupted, he tends to answer his emails quickly, sometimes even in an instinctive way, which leads to somewhat laconic messages.

25 June 2011

Val* joined CERN a few years ago on a limited duration contract. He is now entering his fourth year at CERN and hopes - given his excellent results, his important technical responsibilities and his good periodical assessments - to be granted a long-term contract. The position he holds is considered essential in his Department and must be filled either by someone on an indefinite contract or by rotating personnel with limited duration contracts.

13 June 2011

Bob* has been working at CERN for years. During his career he developed many skills, being now an expert technician, the kind of person who can handle all urgencies. He is always ready to help and everyone appreciates him a lot. When asked for some kind of immediate help, his answer is most of the time: “I will take care of it”. Of course everyone having a problem loves such an answer! After a reorganization done in his region of CERN, Bob found himself working with new people, not knowing as much as he did their way around.

09 May 2011

Jeff* is the leader of a team in charge of the support, operation and maintenance of many CERN equipment. The task is complex as the equipment is scattered across the CERN site, and needs regular maintenance and constant operational monitoring. His team is formed of CERN staff and technicians working under external service contracts.

11 April 2011

Sam* has been working in his position for many years. During his annual interviews with his group leader Jerry*, he was always told that his job performance was satisfactory, and no criticism was raised. Sam really appreciated Jerry’s fairness and was happy to work with him. The written appraisals were in the same tone, so Sam never imagined that something could be blamed on him. His career level was improving, although not as fast as he would have liked it to.

28 March 2011

Jane* came to the Ombuds to share her concerns about the actions of Mike*, one of her senior colleague supervisors, and insisted on the absolute confidentiality. The Ombuds promised to keep the information confidential following the terms of his mandate. During the discussion it appeared that the whole group was affected by the situation, spending a lot of time discussing how to resolve the problem instead of focusing on their main responsibilities. The risks for the Organization seemed very high and could possibly endanger the safety of the operations. 

14 March 2011

Bill*, thanks to his technical competence, has been nominated leader of a group in charge of various projects. During his learning phase, he benefited from the experience of his collaborators and had a good working relationship with all of them. However, after few months, his relationship with Mike*, a senior member of the group in charge of some specific developments, turned sour. As the situation did not improve after many weeks, Mike decided to file an informal complaint of harassment with the Ombuds against his group leader, as he was convinced that Bill was bullying him.

31 January 2011

Following the internal restructuring of a unit, a disagreement developed between the leader of the team and its members. Fred challenged John, the manager in charge of the unit, about his strategy, arguing that his plans would not be beneficial. However, Fred fully recognized that John was entitled to make such a decision as the leader of the team.

17 January 2011

Bob* has been working at CERN for almost four years on a limited-duration contract. Due to the early retirement of one of his colleagues, he was appointed Section Leader very early in his career, as he was the only one who was able to replace this person. As Section Leader, Bob had to provide annual assessments for several staff members, which he did in a very honest and balanced way.


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